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Sasha's Computer Repair Project


*Computer Gateway 3040gz
*Issue seized system/no internet connectivity


According to the user guide, you got some backup/restore disks when you purchased the computer. If you cannot find these, there might be a hidden partition with backup files on it (like I mentioned was the case with another computer I have worked on). This is an excerpt from your user guide (emphasis is mine):

Restoring your system

All programs that were preinstalled on your computer are available on the backup restore discs that you created with the recovery media program, on the hard drive, or on restore discs that were included with your computer. If you need to restore your computer to the original configuration, you can use the backup restore discs or you can use the backup files located on the hard drive.

The instructions for using the restore discs or hard drive backup files are included in the instruction booklet that came with your restore discs.

So you really want that instruction booklet. But I found this guide online which I will summarize below.

Using Gateway System Recovery

Most computer problems can be solved by following the troubleshooting information in your User Guide or at Problem-solving may also involve re-installing some or all of the computerís software (also called recovering or restoring your system). Gateway provides everything you need to recover your system under most conditions. A backup copy of your operating system is provided on a CD or DVD, and a backup copy of your factory-installed drivers and applications is saved on a hidden area of your hard drive.

To recover from the hard drive:

1 Remove all CDs and DVDs from the disc drives, disconnect all USB devices except the keyboard and mouse, then disconnect your Internet cable.

2 If you can still run Windows, click Start, All Programs, System Recovery, then click System Recovery.(DO THE NEXT OPTION INSTEAD)

3 - OR - Turn on or restart your computer, then press R when prompted to start the recovery process.

4 Click a system recovery option:

  • Full System Restore (Destructive) reformats the hard drive and restores the system software as it was when you purchased your computer. This process deletes your data files. The Full System Restore option deletes all files on your hard drive *Caution* except the restore files. Make sure that you back up all personal data files before continuing this process.
  • Full System Restore (with Backup) moves the contents of the hard drive to the C:\My Backup folder and installs a new copy of Windows XP. This option saves your existing data files, but all programs must be reinstalled and the program settings reconfigured. You need at least 4 GB of hard drive space to use this restore option.

5 Click Next. The System Restore - Format and Recover dialog box opens.

6 Click Yes. Files are restored to your hard drive. When file recovery has finished, the System Restore dialog box opens.

7 Click Restart. Your computer restarts, and Windows finishes its setup and installation.

8 Reconnect your Internet cable and all USB peripheral devices. You are done. After you restore your system, it will appear with the same files and programs it had when it shipped from the factory. You still need to download Windows updates and antivirus updates to bring your computerís software up to date.

By the way, congratulations on finding this site--I gave you the wrong url(doh).

So you saw that you can do a safe recover that stores all your data files (like music and the backup from that money management program you have). But if you have a flash drive you should still put your money backup file on that to be safe.

Let me know how things Good luck!