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Below is my most recent post regarding the extrordinary circumstances of my life. These posts will generally assail naked hypocrosy and false positions taken by others with repsect to me.

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You all are idiots.

(12/1/08)Ok given that tripod free accounts are low-tech, I think the best way to implement this forum is with an applet. Should be fun. Until then, you'll have to email me via the link below or cop the address -

(12/1/08)Yesterday they were going to kill me--I'm still alive. Today more threats and shit. Too bad I never feel like explaining things in detail when I'm writing at the computer. But my day began in a slush puddle, feeling really low--probably radiowaves. So what do people do? They ATTACK! 5:30am, Star@#$$'s, barristas opened up with the innuendo. Hey, glad you are reading my mind and watching every last thing I do. Move on to Panera, they send some kind of weird transvestite over at me. There's more--tons more. I'm really much better at getting to the point, but it takes time. More later...

(12/3/08)lies lies lies all lies.

(12/3/08)Today's crime: girl at Aldi peeked in my box of food before I could switch out my items with non-tainted/poisoned items. Why? So that they would be poisoned. Now I'm sitting between two dudes who are most likely hitting me with radiation. The tainted food contains some kind of metallic agent that allows the radition/ magnetic impulses (not sure which) to have effect in, well, destroying my body.

(12/3/08)Last night, I went to my Mom's to work on Java. On my way over there, I passed a Depaul construction dumpster. Conspicuously hanging from the street side (I was in the street on my bike) was some copper tubing. Well anybody who knows me knows I'm likely to grab the tubing, whether I'm working or not. I take pride in that.

But i also have become aware of a new technique of torture, in which metallic objects are treated in some fashion, like with some kind of static electric charge, so that they become a conduit of sorts for radition/electric attack on my body from remote sources like cell phones and such. Well, I did stop riding and look in the dumpster. There wasn't any more copper--the tubing turned out only to be a few inches long, somehow having been suspended over the edge of the dumpster.

This is a situation I have come to recognize--touch the tubing, carry it, and I'm subject to attack. (I'm allowing myself to be attacked right now anyway, but God will punish the perpetrators--nah). Ok but this is not all...I am riding my bike up Sheffield half a block from my mom's house and some guy lifts his arm as I pass and I can just make out that he manipulates something in his hand as I pass which is pointed directly at me. His car beeps from the parking lot nearby.

Ok so ostensibly he was simply locking his vehicle remotely with his transmitter in the key. But man I know this situation too--and I saw the look on his face of concentrated intent rather than semi-conscious routine. He irradiated me. This transpired like a minute after I left the dumpster. What's up? Just business as usual--try to fry Ken as much as possible?

Well, I during the course of the evening I feel exhausted though I did not work that day, and mentally slow. I reckon THAT was the point. Because everybody, in particular my mom herself, knew I was going to take a practice test (3 1/2 hour long deal). They were trying to cause me to perform worse on that test than I otherwise would have. This is my belief, and this is my blog, so my belief is what counts.

(12/03/08) Oh yeah, ALSO today, I went to work out and this gay employee was messing with his hat alot, which is what people do when they want to draw attention to my thinning hair. It's a gesture that, all at once, is supposed to provide dispositive evidence that my sex life has ended. They wish. But yeah I was annoyed because I have a history with this tramp.

A few weeks ago, I had been in the gym shower for a while (I'm always tired and sore so I can tend to stay in the hot water longer than I might otherwise). I'm always targeted by the radition/magnetic attacks in the shower because the fact that I am wet multiplies my vulnerability to such attacks significantly. (Life is great). But I sensed that I had been diminished/harmed by such an attack, though it's hard to tell. When I got out of the shower there was this employee preening in the mirror with his orange cell phone in his hand, working on his closely cut dew, with this bitchily haughty look on his face.

Ok so I presume then that he had attacked me via the cell phone with radiation while I was in the shower. And it's because I don't have perfect hair. That's reasonable? Level a physical attack on me because I don't have perfect hair, and obviously he thinks he does? Not in my country it isn't. So I'm pissed now--I didn't figure him for a fag at that point but it was starting to become obvious. I don't think I confronted him though.

I finish up in the gym and go down the street to Barnes & Noble. I'm reading some Java in a chair in the cooking section and this twerp flits past with that same bitchy look. I take the bait and verbally accost him but not very loud. I mean, this guy has been flagrantly admitting to levelling a physical attack on me via radiowaves because he thinks he's got better hair, and now he's stalked me to the bookstore to continue to provoke me. Trap or no trap, yeah I'm going to do something.

Soon after the manager comes by with this brunette chick that works there in tow and he asks me if I accosted this @#$ and I say yes I did. He says we can't have that, you must leave etc. I said fine no problem. I left. I lost my glove somewhere though so I returned to both Barnes & Noble AND the gym. I didn't find my gloves, but I saw that the employee had returned to the gym and was working. I assume then that he had been 'on the clock' the whole time.

So that's the history.

Anyway, this guy is obviously pursuing some strategy of provoking me. It is what it is.

(12/3/08)But that's not all! My mother...well I'll do this later.

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