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Welcome To HyperTrans

Use this resource to modify foreign language web pages so that each word of text is hyperlinked as a search term to an online language dictionary.

In order to use Hypertrans, you will have to follow four basic steps, which are as follows:

  1. Save this html page to your hard drive's Desktop by clicking the "Save Files" button bellow and using the file chooser to save each file to your Desktop.
  2. Navigate to a desirable target page in the window called "Content" that opened when you opened the HyperTrans page.
    1. SAVE AS html the target page to your HARD DRIVE using your browser's FILE menu--
    2. NAME the target page 'target.html'--
    3. SAVE target.html to your DESKTOP--the same location where you put the HyperTrans html files.
  3. Open the index.html file you saved to your desktop from any open window. When you do this, the original window in which you found your target content page, if it is still open, will close. Another window, intended for the online dictionary, will open. Leave it open.
  4. The target page (target.html) should load in the upper frame. Before you convert the target page, choose the dictionary from the select list below that you wish to use. A '->' sign indicates that the dictionary will translate words from the language on the left to the language on the right. A '<=>' sign indicates that a word from either language will be translated into the other.
  5. Hit the Convert File button to transform the target document so that the text in your target page becomes hyperlinked to the dictionary of your choice.
  6. Now any words that were not already hyperlinked are linked to the online dictionary. If you click on such a word, the results will appear in the new window called 'Dictionary.'